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Dry Vermouth is based on an Italian recipe influenced by the  historic French-style dry vermouths often referenced in cocktails of the 19th to mid-20th century. Crafted using aged Italian white wine and aromatized with Piemontese herbs and other aromatic spices, this complex dry vermouth is the ideal ingredient for a traditional “Fifty-Fifty” Martini and any cocktail recipe specifying a Dry, Extra Dry or French Vermouth. 

A historic recipe using oxidized wine, that draws inspiration from classic French Dry vermouths of the Marseille region. Crafted by blending Piedmont white wine and oxidized wine together with traditional herbs and spices.

17% ABV / 34 PROOF



Intensely aromatic with a rich quality of savory salinity and an herbal character that leads to a pronounced, yet balanced dry finish. Refrigerate after opening.


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