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Crème de Moka is the earliest and most historic style of Coffee Liqueur, with recipes dating back to the 18th Century. The term “Moka” is in reference to the famous Port of Mocha, which was the major trading place of Coffea Arabica from the 15th Century through the early 19th Century. Many European companies set up trade offices at the port, and the term "Moka” was coined as the gold standard to describe the very finest of arabica coffee beans. The recipe that inspired Tempus Fugit Spirits' Crème de Moka dates back to 1755.



Rich aromas of nutty, fresh roasted coffee that prime the palate for waves of flavor. A touch of sweetness up front that's quickly balanced with a whisper of roasted bitterness, which sits on the midpalate as layers of dark berries and floral tones wash everything down smooth. This is a coffee liqueur divine enough to drink on its own or in your favorite cocktail, and as satisfying as that early morning cup that gets you going.


Tempus Fugit Spirits selects the finest coffee beans from the Southern Ethiopian Highlands, which are expertly distilled with neutral eau-de-vie, blended with cold brewed Ethiopian coffee, and sweetened with cane sugar - no additional flavorings or artificial coloring is added. The coffee for Crème de Moka is sourced from the renowned Ethiopian regions of Sidamo and Yirgacheffe.




25% ABV / 50 PROOF

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