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Mansinthe by Marilyn Manson is a traditionally-made, Swiss-distilled absinthe commissioned and co-created by the experienced absinthe drinker and artist, Marilyn Manson. Absinthe has always been associated with controversial artists whose masterpieces were often considered shocking and scandalous at the time – those who pushed the bounds of 'normal' society. The artwork for the label is a watercolour painted by Marilyn Manson himself; a self-portrait entitled 'When I Get Old'. Its classic, traditional protocol and interesting color makes it a great introductory absinthe and it also shines in the Brunelle cocktail. 66.6% ABV




Unusual, yet natural green tint with light blue reflections. Slow forming louche giving way to a thick green/white opalescence. Earthy, musky aromas combine with alpine herbs and flowers. Initial flavors are round and savory with a full, buttery palate giving way to a balanced, refreshing and complex finish.

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