Cocktail Cherries

At the end of the 19th Century, it became all the rage among bar patrons of finer establishments to request that their cocktails be garnished with expensive preserved cherries. These first “cocktail cherries” were a fancy variety that were candied and preserved in a spiced sugar syrup with the addition of a small amount of cherry distillate (Kirsch) alcohol.

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Kirsch is a colorless brandy that is made from the double distillation of sour cherries. It is often consumed alone as a digestif, but is particularly valued in baking because of the complex cherry aromas and flavors that can only be derived from the distillation process. The Kirsch distillate in the 19th Century style cherry syrup adds layers of complex cherry flavors and also serves as a preservative for additional flavors from natural herbs and spices, along with cherry juice and pure cane sugar.

The addition of genuine Gum Arabic in the cherry syrup adds a luxurious texture that cannot be achieved by sugar alone. While sugar and glucose simply dissipate and sweeten a drink, Gum Arabic will elevate the texture of the finished cocktail, even in small amounts.

While the original purpose of these preserved and candied cherries was primarily for cooking and dessert applications, their inclusion in cocktails created a new and popular use for these special cherries. Tempus Fugit Spirits’ 19th Century Cocktail Cherries are created from a 19th Century preserved cherry recipe similar to the style of preserved cherries that would have been used at the beginning of the cocktail cherry boom.




Wild Amarena Cherries


Fresh Wild Amarena Cherries are candied in a concentrated sugar syrup to maximum brix and then added to a spiced sugar syrup with Kirsch and allowed to undergo the process of osmosis to allow the candied cherries to fully absorb the Kirsch and spices.


Crisp aroma of sour cherries with hints of vanilla and warm baking spices.

Texture: The syrup exhibits a smooth silky texture which subtlety amplifies the viscosity and mouthfeel of cocktails. The fruit features a firm crunch and dense chewiness only found in the finest traditionally candied fruits.



Floral, honey-like sweetness, with a pleasant tart finish and a touch of citrus undertones. The Kirsch Brandy lends complex cherry flavors which explode in the midpalate and compliment the added spices in the syrup.