Crème de Banane


“This is an amazing liqueur achievement of the top rank.”

– F. Paul Pacult, The Spirit Journal

Perfectly ripened bananas are small-batch distilled to extract the rich banana flavor and natural amber color our Crème de Banane is known for.

It’s the perfect complement to Tiki cocktails and any classic cocktail requiring an authentic historic-style Créme de Banane.


Based on 19th century protocols, this Créme de Banane brings back the original flavors and aromas of historically delicious banana liquers.

Deep, rich caramelized notes of ripe bananas reminiscent of warm
banana bread or the famous New Orleans dessert, Bananas Foster.

Perfectly ripened bananas are small-batch distilled to extract the rich banana flavor.

The golden amber color, extracted from mature bananas, is completely


26% ABV / 52 PROOF

The Brand

Tempus Fugit Spirits is dedicated to the glory of the well-made cocktail.
The goal is to source and recreate rare spirits and liqueurs from the pages of history to satisfy the demands of the most discerning connoisseur. Along with the world’s finest absinthes, Tempus Fugit was determined to seek out fine rare spirits that were once staples in classic pre-Prohibition cocktails, which have been lost over time. In most cases, Tempus Fugit recreated these liqueurs in-house using historic 19th-century protocols, many cross-referenced in several languages, to arrive as close in taste to these forgotten spirits as is possible, or surpass them. From rare fruit, flower and plant liqueurs to bitters, Amari, Vermouths and Chanati, Tempus Fugit prides itself in finding out what’s missing from the back bar of the most discerning bartenders.